Your fine jewelry requires utmost care and protection, but that doesn’t mean you can’t take it with you while traveling. From creative DIY hacks to high-quality organizers that fit in any bag or suitcase, here are four expert tips on how to travel with jewelry!

1. Buy a Mini Jewelry Box

While a regular-sized jewelry box makes for excellent storage, it’s not exactly practical to tote around such a large item. Thankfully, jewelry boxes are available in smaller sizes, combining sturdiness and convenience for the ultimate travel organizer.

Much like a normal jewelry box, these smaller versions come with many of the same inserts to keep your exceptional jewelry locked in place.

2. Get Creative With Some DIY Methods

Traveling with jewelry doesn’t have to involve high-priced jewelry storage. For example, inserting half of your necklace through a straw, such as a silicone straw, can prevent them from getting all tangled up during travel. Other options include attaching jewelry to disposable plates or even vacuum sealing your jewelry for extra snug protection.

3. Maximize Space With a Jewelry Roll Organizer

A jewelry roll organizer is similar to a brush roll or toiletries roll, except it’s far more secure, thanks to the pockets with zippers. Place your jewelry into the pouches, zip them up, and then roll up the organizer to tuck safely into your suitcase or carry-on – a highly space-saving option!

4. Protect It With a Petite Pouch

A small pouch can easily be kept in your purse or another small bag to safely hold your low-maintenance jewelry. Not always ideal for high-maintenance or fragile jewelry, a soft, velvety pouch may be enough for your a bracelet or ring. And, it’s an incredibly affordable option.

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Here at Matthew’s Jewelers, we understand how important your beloved jewelry pieces are. Learning how to travel with jewelry is easier than ever with these ample options, allowing you to protect your precious jewelry while on the go and dazzle everywhere you visit.

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