Citrine may not be as beloved as diamonds, but it’s arguably one of the most sought-after stones. It’s appreciated for its beautiful color, which has attracted human attention for years. This lovely stone’s history can be traced back over 300BC in ancient Greece. Here are some interesting facts about the November birthstone, citrine.

1. It’s Rare to Find Natural Citrine Jewelry

Many stones sold as citrine are lab created even though this gorgeously rich-colored gem is found in abundance. The countries that mine the most citrine currently are Uruguay and Brazil.

2. Citrine Is the Latin Word for Yellow

The name citrine is derived from the Latin word citrine, which means yellow. It is also related to the French word “citron,” which means lemon. It was known as yellow quartz before 1556, when the name changed to citrine.

3. You Can Tell Fake Citrine From the Intensity of Its Color

It’s possible to replicate citrine. Citrine, like any other crystal, comes in different shapes and colors depending on the environment in which it forms. Amethysts are the common stone used to replicate citrine. It’s heated to approximately 400°C to lose its violet color and become brownish or orange.

When you heat genuine citrine, you get a light yellow color. However, heating faux citrine gives you brown or burnt orange color easily distinguished from yellow. You can also tell if citrine is genuine by comparing the size of points in the crystal clusters, with citrine points being larger than amethyst’s points.

4. Citrine Is a Variety of Quartz

November birthstone citrine is a yellow quartz variety. But its color can vary depending on the array. The intensity of the color depends on the degree of iron impurities within the quartz. It has a hardness of 7 on the Mohs scale.

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