Taking care of your jewelry helps keep it looking beautiful for years to come. If you’ve got your necklaces in a tangle, this post is for you! Storing your pendants carefully not only makes it easier to find just the one you’re looking for, but helps them last longer. The process of untangling your necklaces may cause damage, so here are 3 tips to store your necklaces with pendants in Sunrise.

Tip #1: Use A Jewelry Stand to Store Necklaces With Pendants in Sunrise

Your beautiful necklaces are lovely to see, so keep them on view. There are so many gorgeous jewelry stands, so find one that suits your tastes and proudly display your favorite pendants. Separate them along the length of the stand, so they won’t tangle and they’ll look their best!

Tip #2: Keep Them Separated, Even in A Drawer

Preventing tangles is so important. Tangles damage chains and damaged chains may break while you’re wearing your pendant. Whether it’s a bureau drawer or a jewelry box drawer, use dividers or jewelry trays to keep necklaces separated. 

Choose storage options that allow you to lay them out fully, so they aren’t in a tangled ball. Velvet liners not only look amazing but help keep them in place so they won’t slip into a tangle.

Tip #3: Consider a Wall Mounted Display

Artful wall-mounted displays make for a stunning piece of art, as well as unique storage for your prized pendant(s). Check out options made by artists on Etsy or other hand-crafted items. Gorgeous driftwood with tiny hooks for a coastal decor, iron for a more industrial look – there are so many options out there! Consider your decor as well as the pendants you’ll display, and assemble a useful piece of wall art.

Looking for Beautiful Necklaces With Pendants in Sunrise, Florida?

The best way to display any pendant is by wearing it! If you’re looking for a gorgeous new piece, visit the Matthew’s Jewelers showroom today. We’ve got a variety of options in stock for you to try and if you’re looking for something extra special, consider a custom pendant made by our skilled designers. Call us at 954-424-2120 or visit us today!