When planning what to wear the next day, do you plan your jewelry, or is that more of an afterthought? If you find yourself deciding at the last minute which earrings or necklace you’ll wear, these 2023 trends for jewelry in Plantation might just get you excited about planning what to wear! 

Siren Songs

One trend that is becoming wildly popular and expected to tick around for 2023 is beach / ocean-themed jewelry pieces. Whether you choose silver or gold, beautiful shells or pearls, these accents can be easily paired with any wardrobe for all occasions. 

Bespoke Bugs?!

No, bespoke jewelry will never go out of style. Yes, what’s trending now are insects. Typically, insects or creatures of any kind are symbolic and their meaning is represented in stunning bespoke, opulent jewelry that is completely customizable. Let your creativity fly! (Pun intended!)

Contemporary Heirlooms

Few jewelry pieces are more precious than those that can be passed on to your children or other family members. What’s looking good for 2023 is jewelry that came from another era but still maintains a modern feel. Think chunky rings with precious stones in all colors. 

Oversized and “Perched” Stones

Have you seen rings where it appears that stone is perched atop the setting? These pieces are so spectacular they can stand on their own with no additional accessories needed. 

Ear Cuffs

Quickly becoming one of the top 2023 trends for jewelry in Plantation are ear cuffs. They have been dubbed the “epitome of chic” and can easily be worn with earrings on their own. 

Found Objects as Charms

What a beautiful way to embrace nature! Have you found sea glass or beautiful stones that you’d like to wear? Why not have them made into a pendant that displays their true beauty? 

Pinky Rings

Not just any pinky rings but power pinky rings with large stones! These are rings that make a bold and important statement. Did you know that these rings have a history? They date back to the 1920s and ’30s when, as a sign of self-love, suffragettes wore them. What a great way to express how much you love yourself!

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