By far one of the most outstanding additions to the gem world is the “Mercy Pearl Collection” from Chi Huynh of Galatea (Jewelry by Artist). Chi introduced the art of carved black pearls, exposing the pearl’s nucleus. The surprise is that the nucleus is not Mother-of-Pearl but instead citrine, amethyst or turquoise.

Several years ago, while Chi was carving a Tahitian pearl, he accidentally carved too deeply, exposing the white Mother-of-Pearl bead beneath the black nacre. Lamenting over the fact that he had just ruined a perfectly fine Tahitian pearl, he suddenly got this idea that he could insert gemstone beads into a black lipped oyster, creating a pearl that would be carved down to the nucleus, exposing the gem beneath the nacre.  The result is a spectacular and completely unique piece of jewelry.  The collection is now available at Matthew’s Jewelers.

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